Making images

When you see an image, a truly great image, it stops you. Something happens in a primal instant where you are drawn to it and you don’t know why. Schooling and practice can rewire your consciousness to intellectualize the image and cause you to break down in a logical, archetypal manner–what it is about the image that is compelling. You move beyond the initial emotional response of “yes” or “no” into an interpretation. And while there is value in the form and the technique and the skill that it takes to create a compelling image, the truest and most pure beauty is the in that brief moment of recognizing quality. Quality that is determined by something unknown inside ourselves. Something innate and universally recognizable to us all–beauty.

I strive for beauty. I want to create images that take an audience’s breath away. Light, composition, movement and content. The hope is that every frame I create will maximize the potential of these four tenets. Whether it’s a dramatically lit wide full of characters in a dazzling location or it’s a cut away. The image should be able to be made into a still and tell a story and be stimulating.

Every frame a photo.

That’s 23.976 photos per second! Or more! A difficult task but one that a lifelong dedication and to imaging could, maybe, make possible.

That’s who I am and that’s the cinematographer and storyteller I want to be. That’s the cinematographer I will be.


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